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I can still remember the first time I consciously heard Led Zeppelin. I was 11 years old and I was sitting by the stereo with headphones on listening to a local and well known radio station in Toronto. I caught Black Dog about half way into the song. Immediately I was struck by the sheer intensity of the song, I had never heard anything like that before and right away it took hold of me. The next day I was going through my older brothers record collection because I knew he had some Zeppelin albums. I was getting frustrated at first because as we all know the fourth album has no markings on it to indicate who it is or what it is. So I put the album on and that was it. When i reached high school I became friends with a guy who loved Led Zeppelin. Immediately my passion for the music grew, especially as I began listening to the live concert recordings or bootlegs as they are called.  So, The Song Remains The Same was the starting point of live Zeppelin. My  friend from school and I formed our first band in college called The Chosen Few at which point I met Kelly Mauricette who is our drummer. Our friend Sam Rapallo who now is the official webmaster of, as well as the official webmaster for Robert Plants website and those of John Paul Jones, Jason Bonham, Them Crooked Vultures, and has assisted in Jimmy Pages’ website basically is employed by the remaining members of Led Zeppelin. I have had many memorable shows doing our best to deliver the intensity and passion of studio as well as the live Led Zeppelin. Highlights which stand out for me, was when Jason Bonham, son of legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham was in attendance at one of our shows. And as recently as January 2013 I was fortunate enough to have been called in to work with the Canadian production company, Classic Albums Live founded by Craig Martin.  Where I performed the Led Zeppelin II album, note for note, cut for cut  at The Georgian Theatre in Barrie, Ontario.  In 2014 I was part of a multi-media musical, called “Boomer”.  Where songs from various artists were incorporated with multi-media detailing the boomer generation.  There were two performances of this show, one took place at The Newmarket Theatre, and the other in downtown Toronto at The Underground Theatre.  Well, here is CODA, carrying the torch, reliving the magic that once was—-Led Zeppelin.




Ever since a young age Kelsey has been interested in music, but it wasn’t until the age of 12 when he bought his first guitar from the money he saved from his paper route, that his passion for music began. After two years of lessons with his teacher Mike Byj, Kelsey wanted to expand outwards and try new things, he bought a bass guitar and a drum kit and started alternating lessons for them, one week on guitar, the next on bass, and the next on drums. It was also around that time he took a couple piano lessons, after those few lessons he rented a keyboard to practice on, and after a few months bought his own. Within the next few years he picked up harmonica, banjo, ukulele, and mandolin. Kelsey’s’ music passion has always been built around rock. He remembers the first time he heard Elvis in second grade an instantly fell in love with it. After a few years of lessons, his musical taste hit an all-time high when he discovered The Beatles. At first the only album of theirs he owned was Love, but he soon got the whole collection. His favorite artist continues to be The Beatles, Billy Joel, Rush, Led Zeppelin and many others. Kelsey listens to all kinds of music from rock, pop, jazz, Broadway, soul and blues. Each one giving distinct influences and characteristics to the way he plays. Around the time Kelsey turned 15, he started performing live. Brian Henderson (A friend of his who worked in a music shop), would let him play a few songs between sets. Brian was performing at the same bar every Thursday night, and Kelsey continued to play there for almost a year. The very first song Kelsey ever played live was Stairway to Heaven.  Kelsey has been in many bands over just a few years’ time. The first band he was in was a punk band, he found the bass player online and was invited in the next day. He has been in many other bands including rock, blues, country and pop. 5 years ago he joined an open jam playing keyboards, where he continues to learn and grow. His most recent endeavors, brought him into a Led Zeppelin tribute band, where he can feel comfortable playing the music he loves.





I was about 18 when I heard one of their records for the first time. Everything just jelled when I listened to John Bonham’s drums.. that was it for me. At that time I was playing on cardboard boxes. Then I got my first drum kit and started to practice a lot. I noticed that you didn’t need a big drumset to play. I also started experimenting with my drums. I eventually began setting them up like Bonham. (I currently play a 4 piece Ludwig kit with a Kettle drum & Gong). I started learning all the Zeppelin songs one by one. I would lock myself in a room, turn up the music and play along. I began to practice 3-6 hours a day. I listened mostly to ‘THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME’ and an assortment of bootlegs. I have been studying Bonham for over 20 years now and all of the practice has payed off for me in a big way. I’m constantly expanding my knowledge of the bootleg stuff. I truly enjoy performing Led Zeppelin’s music. John Bonham might be gone, but his spirit lives on, with drummers like myself that emulate his powerful style of playing.



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